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The idea of using stress skinned panels for construction began in the 1930s as an attempt to conserve forest resources. In 1937, a small stressed-skin house in Wisconsin, USA was constructed and it has ever since endured the severe climate and is currently being used by University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 1947, structural insulated panel development began with corrugated paperboard cores were tested with various skin materials of plywood, tempered hardboard and treated paperboard. Panels consisting of polystyrene core were used in a building in 1967 and the panels have performed well to the present day In Indonesia, the use of insulated panel as a material for building construction was introduced in 1995 by a multi national Australian building products company James Hardie with their product: Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems. PT. Bondor Indonesia was established on December 14, 1999 to continue Bondor™ Insulated Panel business in Indonesia. PT. Bondor Indonesia continues the consistency of manufacturing International quality products. In support of our business, PT. Bondor Indonesia constructed a 13,000sqm modern manufacturing facility conveniently located adjacent to the Jagorawi Tollway in an industrial estate at Sentul. The production line capacity is 350,000sqm of insulated panels per year.


To be a leading producer and applicator of insulated panel system with the commitment to fulfill quality standards in accordance with world-class customer requirements.


Be the Leading Manufacturer and Applicator of Insulated Panel Systems

On-Going Quality and Human Resources Improvement

Non-Stop Implementation of ISO 9001-2000

Develop and Maintain International-Standard Quality Products

Optimizing Company Profitability

Return the Company Profit to Stake Holders


  In June 2005, PT. Bondor Indonesia has achieved quality management system certification of ISO 9001:2000 by SAI Global, Australia. With the certification, our customers can be confidently assured that all materials and systems used during manufacture, fabrication and installation have passed stringent quality tests and meet the International standards. In June 2009, SAI Global has confirmed that PT. Bondor Indonesia has complied with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements. PT. Bondor Indonesia has also registered the design of our panel joint system: Slip Joint, at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (Dirjen Hak Kekayaan Intelektual RI) with Register No. ID 0 010 442-D.


PT. Bondor Indonesia is the first in Indonesia to introduce and supply 4 (four) different types of panel core: the local manufactured EPS and PU panels and the imported PIR and Mineral Wool Fibreboard panels. This gives our customers a chance to choose product that can meet their needs and requirements. Since it has been established in 1999, PT. Bondor Indonesia continues to improving our products and services. One of the innovations is Door Systems for the Clean Room, Cold Storage and Transportable Building application. Doors using Bondor™ Insulated Panel can be manufactured according to the needs and requirements of our customers, make it more accustamable than other products in the markets. Recently, PT. Bondor Indonesia is developing Door Systems for the Hospital industry. For more information about panel cores, please click here or go to Download Page to download our Company Profile. More information about our Doors Systems, please see Project Previews.

 In 2007 and 2008 PT. Bondor has succesfully manufactured and installed Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems at 23m and 40m food prosseing tower in Salatiga. The owner of the buildings, a milk ingredient company, had entrusted Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems construction because of its light weight construction load. Badan POM RI also had entrusted PT. Bondor Indonesia in 2008 to installed Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems at their laboratory. The use of Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems at BPOM is a confirmation that our systems are ideally fulfill the good manufaturing practice (GMP). Many Pharmaceutical company has also use Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems to meet the Class 100, 1000 and 10,000. More information about our projects can be reviewed in the Project Preview page

cold room indonesia

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